Alltech has become a leading provider of pumps castings and related products for various applications. Alltech manufactures several types of centrifugal, positive displacement, and submersible pumps and accessories.

Alltech strives to provide each customer with the best possible pump solution for their specific application. In addition to offering a wide variety of standard products, Alltech also provides custom engineering and design services. Alltech is your one-stop source for all your pump casting needs.
Pioneering in pump components casting organization

  • The components used in producing investment casting for pumps, including super duplex, duplex, and Inconel alloys, is of high-end quality and is subjected to a variety of rigorous tests held in line with global standards.
  • Alltech is an industry leader in producing impellers and casings that range from large to small diameters and smaller vein gaps with extraordinary materials.
  • With a broader range of customers around the globe, including USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and other countries, we hold all the required certifications for the production and supply of pump investment castings for various sorts of pumps.
  • With an impressive manufacturing capability and technical expertise, we manufacture an extensive range of investment castings to submersible pumps, process pumps, automotive engine Pumps, and centrifugal and gear pumps.
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