We manufacture and provide a wide range of pumps including duplex, super-duplex, and Inconel alloys. Since castings for pumps is extremely significant and crucial. Our team of experts uses cutting edge technology for production.

Alltech has been recognised as one of the most preferred company for providing high quality customised product solution to its customers with utmost customer satisfaction. It is an eminent name in the industry and its wide range of investment casting for pumps has been used across the industries globally. With an inhouse team of experts, technology and well-equipped manufacturing capabilities, we are experts in the field of providing our customers high quality Investment casting pumps.

Nationally we are proud to announce that we have been a catalyst in supplying cost-effective investment casting parts to the submersible pump manufacturers in the country. We are also a major supplier of quality pumps parts that are being used in solar operated pumps. We have been one of the desired suppliers in the renewable energy sector.

Pioneering in pump parts casting company

  • Alltech uses the modern well equipped manufacturing facilities for production of investment castings for pumps.
  • The material used for manufacturing of pump investment casting, including duplex, super duplex and Inconel alloys is high end and undergoes various rigorous testing procedures, which befits the global standards.
  • With an outstanding manufacturing capability and technical know-how, we are producer of wide range of investment casting parts for submersible pumps, process pumps, rotary pumps, Automotive Engine Pumps, gear pumps and centrifugal pumps.
  • Alltech is a manufacturer of various sizes of casings and impellers with small to giant diameters and in lesser vein gap with exceptional material.
  • With a wider base of customers across the globe including Europe, Russia, USA, Australia, Africa, Middle east, South Asia and many more … we have all necessary certifications needed to manufacture and supply pump investment castings for pump industry.